Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Sun & Google Announcement

In a nutshell: Google agrees to distribute Java while Sun agrees to distribute the Google tool bar.

<sarcasm> Clearly, because both of these technologies need to reach a wider audience... </sarcasm>

Coy doesn’t get close to describing this announcement and that may speak volumes in itself. But did we need a press conference to announce this? Surely that just encourages brickbats from under whelmed speculators. Or is that part of the grand counter double bluff... :-)


Anonymous Anonymous said...

StarOffice was also mentioned in the press release

5:14 PM  
Blogger Duncan said...

OpenOffice does get mentioned as a area of potential collaboration. But OpenOffice is open source anyway and I don't remember there being a big announcement when Google joined the JCP - or I did I miss it?

5:34 PM  

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